Many thinking people in the Province warned you of the adverse political, economic and constitutional complications that Brexit would give rise to. You brushed these warnings off with an arrogance that borde recklessness. Now, the pigeons are coming home to roost. Your handiwork has emboldened republicans b anything imaginable previously and has given them enough ammunition to keep them going for years. Th has been backed into a corner and has been shown to be powerless in the face of a united EU. Thanks to y efforts, ultimate control over Northern Ireland looks likely to be surrendered to the Irish Republic and Br Even if some fudge is achieved that allows the UK to save face, the very fact that we have arrived at a situa where the UK government is even considering abandoning Northern Ireland by creating a border in the I means that the future of Northern Ireland in the UK can never be vouchsafed again. Well done, DUP! As f Sammy Wilson, perhaps you might start using your brains instead of your bluster from now on. Not much of that, of course.


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