Authorities say birds are dirtying the towers while a few devotees say it’s a deathtrap for them

Rajarajeshwari Nagar temple, located off Mysuru Road, has come up with an idea to prevent pigeons dirtying the recently built temple towers: wrapping them in a synthetic mesh. While the temple authorities heave a sigh of relief, some fear the move could turn deathtrap for birds.

Venkateshwara, a temple official said, “We have spent many lakhs to build and paint the gopurams and the temple premises. We cannot afford to get it soiled again and certainly we cannot spend a few more lakhs.” Close to 10 towers, including the imposing one at the entrance, are covered with a mesh to prevent pigeons from perching on the structures. One of the priests told Mirror, “Every week, we would depute people to clean up the mess. We have made a separate pond and a cage-like structure for birds. But pigeons have not yet got accustomed to the new set-up again. They are so used to sit on the towers that it has become a serious problem for us.” Temple authorities say they are open to suggestions to make the premises safer for birds.

One of the officials said, “If there is any other solution, let people approach us. We are equallly helpless. It was difficult for devotees to even walk through the sanctum sanctorum because of bird droppings. We also feel for pigeons. We have kept grains and water at the separate enclosure to woo them, but they haven’t gone there yet.”

Kamala Devi, a devotee said, “I spotted at least four pigeons lying dead in the towers. A few birds were struggling to get inside, and some were scrambling to come out. Some squirrels too were trapped inside.”

Jayanna, who lives close to the temple, said: “On its part, the temple has kept aside a piece of land just for birds. Authorities must have spent many lakhs to erect these nets.”


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