Feral pigeons are also known as city doves or street pigeons, they are descents of the wild rock doves. Many people appropriately call them rats of the sky as they can carry more diseases than rats therefore they are a serious risk to health. Examples of bacteria associated with pigeons are aspergillosis, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, listeriosis, psittacosis and salmonella.

Pigeons carry more diseases than rats

Bird fouling or guano contains various bacteria and the spores from the bacteria can become airborne. When these spores are breathed in they can be extremely hazardous.

People with compromised immune systems are particularly at risk as once the bacteria enters the bloodstream it can cause lung infections, sepsis, meningitis, encephalitis and sometimes even lifelong illness or death.

a pigeon bird standing by guano manure

In 2017 the biggest listeriosis outbreak in the world occurred in South Africa when 1,065 cases of listeriosis were confirmed and 218 deaths were caused by contaminated food originating in a factory owned by South Africa’s largest food company Tiger Brands.  While it is unsure where the listeriosis originated, it is an example of the destruction a disease carried by birds can cause.

Bird control is not only necessary in order to keep our environments healthy and to prevent disease, but also to prevent secondary infestations such as rodents (which also carry diseases), maggots, flies and bird fleas.

Birds thrive in an urban environment and only require the smallest amount of shelter on buildings. All birds can cause damage to buildings through nesting activity and by eroding surfaces with their faeces which contains uric acid, eventually, this causes water ingress to buildings. Solar Panels are also at risk of damage as they are often used by pigeons and seagulls for shelter. Fouling on the surface also reduces their effectiveness


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