pigeon patrolIt’s not just the human beings who are detained by the police. Even pigeons can be detained too. And Gujarat Police has done just that by getting hold of a pigeon with an electronic chip. The strange matter was probed for a possible terror angle and a detailed report was dutifully despatched by spooked Gujarat Police to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

The spotting of a pigeon, which landed at the Salaya Essar jetty in Vadinar, wouldn’t have been anything unusual for the police but the words ‘Rasul-Ul-Allah’ written in Arabic prompted them to carry out a background check. Moreover, a chip tied to one of the pigeon’s legs with the number ‘28733’ made this bird a suspect.

Union home ministry officials were not amused when the report was received at the ministry. “It’s bizarre. Why should they send such a report to us?” a ministry official asked. “We are handling serious issues and its strange when someone sends such trivial reports,” an official said.

However, the local police in Devbhumi Dwarka district believed this to be a security scare. The report was also marked to the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of Gujarat.

The pigeon was first seen on March 20 about five nautical miles away from the shore of Salaya Essar jetty, which is under construction, in Gujarat’s Devbhumi Dwarka district, by a security guard. The matter was then reported to the Coast Guard following which the pigeon’s ‘custody’ was given to the local police for further investigation.

The chip with the words ‘Benjing Dual’ was the biggest puzzle for the investigators. The cops sent the chip to the Forensic Science Laboratory in Gandhinagar. “By searching on Google we found out that ‘Benjing Dual’ is used in pigeon races,” the report said.

But the police probe did not end here and the Forest Department was roped in. “The Gujarat forest department officials were also called up for their opinion about the pigeon which is mostly found in North India and such pigeons are used for racing purposes in foreign countries, particularly in the Gulf,” the report said.

As per the forest officials the pigeon might have migrated to Indian shores.


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