Around 1,700 pigeons fluffed their feathers and strutted their stuff at the UK’s premier showcase at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens over the weekend. The birds were judged for their good looks and general composure with a winner and a supreme champion chosen from the flock.

It was the 45th annual British Homing World Show and the 40th to be held at Blackpool, drawing pigeon fanciers from across Europe.

Visitors had the chance to peruse around 200 stalls promoting specially designed pigeon lofts and veterinary services during the two-day event.

Organiser Ian Evans of the Cheltenham-based Royal Pigeon Racing Association said: “It was very successful, we’ve probably had about 15,000 people visiting so it’s been very very busy so it will have had a good impact on the local economy here.“

Also we have the UK’s 10 best-performing racing pigeons here which will be going to Brussels next week to compete in the Pigeon Olympiad.”

Pigeon racing became a sport of the masses in the early 1900s, and pigeons were used extensively as message carriers by armies on both sides during the two World Wars.

In the UK the sport probably reached its height of popularity after World War Two.

Each year the BHW Show collects money to give to charity and the £55,000 raised last year was presented to a variety of different charitable causes.

Over its last 40 years the show has raised £3m for charity.


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