Pigeon recipes from the Boston Cook Book

Written in 1918, This classic American cooking reference includes 1,849 recipes, including everything from “after-dinner coffee”—which Farmer notes is beneficial for a stomach “overtaxed by a hearty meal”– to braised pigeons!

Here’s an excerpt for the recipe of potted pigeon:

“Draw and clean. Break the legs just above the feet; leave enough below the joint to die down to the tail. Wash and wipe. If old and tough, cover them with vinegar, spiced and flavored with onion, and let them stand several hours. This makes them tender. Drain and wipe; stuff if you like, with cracker crumbs highly seasoned and moistened with butter. Dredge with salt, pepper, and flour. Fry several slices of salt pork; cut one large onion fine, and fry in the salt pork fat. Put the crisp fat in the stewpan, add the fried onion, then brown the pigeons all over in the fat left in the pan. Put them in the stewpan; add boiling water or stock enough to half cover them; add a pinch of herb tied in a bag. Simmer from one to three hours, or till the pigeons are tender. Remove the fat from the broth, season to taste. and thicken with flour and butter cooked together. Strain over the pigeons, and serve hot.”


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