pigeon racingThe birds were released from both race points — Barringun and Coongoola — at 6.30am on Friday into a light southerly wind.

It was reasonably warm during the day and it would be fair to assume the birds may have landed for a drink on their journey south.

No birds made it home on the day from either race, however early Saturday morning birds were reported from both races although returns were quite scattered.

Even in ideal conditions the 500-mile and 600-mile races are an extreme test of a bird’s endurance with varied wind strengths and directions along the route and the ever present danger of falcons who often drive the birds off course or make them take shelter in a tree to avoid being attacked.

These are last two races on the 2016 program and club members will have their presentation night at the Tuppal Hotel in Finley on December 1 at 6.30pm.

It has been a successful year for Murray Pigeon Club members and they have acquitted themselves very well against flyers from Benalla, Shepparton, Kyabram, Echuca, Waaia and Rochester who are all part of the Greater Valley Pigeon Federation.

Tony Fraser was placed second in the Federation in the race from Barringun, and the partnership of Luke Sibraa and John Trist had the first bird in the Federation from Coongoola.

Murray Pigeon Club members already have their birds paired up hoping to breed next year’s champions.

Barringun 500 miles results (flyer/town/velocity): Tony Fraser (Cobram) 801mpm; Michael Hawkins and George Hill (Berrigan) 782; Luke Sibraa and John Trist (Finley) 716; Daryl Sinclair (Yarrawonga) 645; Margot Robertson (Mayrung) 537; Frank and Dennis Hickey (Berrigan) 381.

Coongoola 600 miles: Luke Sibraa and John Trist (Finley) 881mpm; Michael Hawkins and George Hill (Berrigan) 859; Margot Robertson (Mayrung) 842; Tony Fraser (Cobram) 785.

Murray Pigeon Club aggregate (flyer/town/aggregate points): Michael Hawkins and George Hill (Berrigan) 81 points; Luke Sibraa and John Trist (Finley) 78; Tony Fraser (Cobram) 48; Margot Robertson (Mayrung) 40; Frank and Dennis Hickey (Berrigan) 26; Daryl Sinclair (Yarrawonga) 20.


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