THAT pesky pigeons is still proving to be a problem in Cornhill, Wellington, town councillors heard at their November meeting.

It was reported that town clerk Greg Dyke was working with legal representatives of Wetherspoon’s to try to persuade the owners of adjoining properties to take action to deal with the nuisance and the mess.

Thanks to the efforts of Cllr Janet Reed, Taunton Deane Borough Council’s cleansing department had pressure-washed Cornhill and it was hoped that this washing would be carried out every two weeks.

Cllr Marcus Barr said a broken window above the archway needed to be boarded or wired up to keep the pigeons out.

Councillors were told that the Deane hoped to be able to find money from its budget to repair the paths in the park and also the roof of the park bandstand.


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