“Deadly Droppings”
Pigeon Patrol stumbled upon a story that’ll make you question where to buy your next car.pigeon patrol droppings
The staff at the BMW dealership, Vines of Guildford, has been under inevitable stress due to a great amount of bird droppings on their vehicles. The waste site next door attracts many birds such as seagulls and pigeons due to their form of transportation of waste. Only now, after many complaints about health issues and random falling pieces of food, the waste site facility will be installing new nets to keep the birds away. But the BMW dealership staff doesn’t it’ll be enough to keep the birds away.
Pigeon Patrol could handle this situation in a matter of seconds. Pigeon Patrol offers great products such as the Ultra-Flex Bird Spikes that could have been easily installed at the waste facility to keep the birds away safely and keep the community happy. Pigeon Patrol provides quality work and equipment and the flying bird poop and food can easily be diminished.

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