The feral pigeon mates for life and can breed up to 8 times a year in optimum conditions, bringing two young into the world each time.  The frequency of breeding is dictated by the abundance of food.  The eggs take 18/19 days to hatch with both parents incubating the eggs.  Young dependant pigeons are commonly known as ‘squabs’.

Aww… Look at those squabs…

Both parents feed the young with a special ‘pigeon milk’ that is regurgitated and fed to the squabs.  Each squab can double its birth weight in one day but it takes 4 days for the eyes to open.


“I will peck the soul from your face to feed my squab squad”

When squabs are hungry they ‘squeak’ whilst flapping their wings and as a result they are also commonly known as ‘squeakers’.  At approximately 2 months of age the young are ready to fledge and leave the nest.  This much longer than average time spent in the nest ensures that life expectancy of a juvenile pigeon is far greater than that of other fledglings.


Exponential growth as evident in the legion of pigeons.


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