In a bizarre case, a pigeon has hatched a chicken egg on the balcony of a Bur Dubai resident.

Fready Samuel, an Indian ad man and entrepreneur, said that the pigeon had been homing in on his balcony for a few weeks before it laid two eggs in the corner of a plant holder.

“I was observing the bird and she spent four days sitting on the eggs. But sadly the eggs got spoilt because of the water in the plant holder. I felt so bad for the pigeon and wanted to do something about it,” said Samuel.


He said his immediate objective was to replace the spoilt eggs in the plant holder with new pigeon eggs.


“I tried very hard but couldn’t find any pigeon eggs. So I decided to keep two chicken eggs which in any case would have been consumed for breakfast. My only aim was to comfort the pigeon which had lost its eggs four days into its hatching cycle.”

As it turns out, the pigeon did take comfort.

Samuel said he read up about the hatching patterns of pigeons and hens, but was in for a complete surprise.

“I researched about both their hatching patterns and learnt that pigeons hatch eggs in 14 days while hens take 21 days. I expected the pigeon to sit on the eggs for only 10 days as she had already spent four days on her own eggs. But she actually spent 21 days on the new eggs. What’s more, one of the eggs hatched to our utter surprise and we had a beautiful ‘dove chick’ on our balcony. It was a truly amazing experience.”

He said he plans to leave the chick, now one week old, at his cousin’s Al Quoz villa where she could be in the company of other hens and chickens.


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