Pigeons are highly social animals and are incredibly smart creatures. But did you know pigeons carry many diseases and parasites linked to their droppings? When pigeons start roosting on your property, they will rapidly create a vast mess with their poop. Not only are pigeon droppings in your home disgusting, but they can carry major risks to your wellbeing and can cause havoc on your property. However, the danger varies depending on the invasion. If you have a pigeon invasion on your property, there is a huge risk of your family members contracting illnesses from their droppings. Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Cryptococcosis, Psittacosis, Encephalitis, and Salmonellosis are some of the deadly diseases spread through pigeon droppings. The safe bet is to handle your pigeon invasion quickly by calling a professional pest control company to eradicate any risk of disease.

In addition to the disease and infection, pigeons can also carry parasites, ticks, and mites. A dead pigeon is more of a breeding ground for flies and pests. We at Accurate Pest Control believe, the more established the pigeon infestation, the more significant danger of having these pests getting into your property.

How hazardous are Pigeon droppings?

  • When an individual breaths dust or water droplets of contaminated bird droppings, it can cause several diseases, including aflu-like illness known as Psittacosis.
  • Salmonella is a bacterial virus that can cause Diarrhea. Pigeons with this type of bacteria can spread it through their droppings.
  • One must take safety measures when they are cleaning up or come in contact with pigeon droppings. Make sure to rinse your hands and clean any bare skin before eating, drinking, or placing your hands near your mouth. Similarly, if you are feeding or handling birds, wash your hands afterwards.
  • Individuals with a compromised immune system, like HIV/AIDS or cancer, must avoid cleaning the droppings as it can be fatal.

How can you catch it?

  • Anyone can become affected if he/she breathes it in. The infant who died at the hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, had been exposed to the fungus. Experts reveal the apparent source has been traced to a room on the rooftop of the hospital.
  • Bird feces and feathers can disturb your home’s heating and cooling modules and indoor air quality.
  • Pigeon droppings contaminated with bacteria or viruses are often left on the windowsills and cars to dry out.

The best thing you can do to get rid of your pigeon problem is to call licensed pest control in San Antonio, Texas. Our Wildlife animal control in San Antonio uses proper techniques to keep your home or business free from unwanted critters and ensure that these creatures are removed safely. To improve the situation, you must ensure all areas are properly cleaned, and preventive measures are taken to stop the birds from invading your home/property.


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