A proliferation of pigeons and their toxic poo is to blame for the current closure of the riverside walkway which runs alongside the RSC.

Pigeon faeces is acidic, eroding both metal and stonework, and also contains pathogens that are hazardous to humans. The inhaling of irritant airborne dust particles can cause illnesses such as ornithosis – a flu-like infection, lung inflammation, and asthma.

A theatre spokesperson explained that essential clean-up work was being done to the balconies of the dressing rooms following a “recent spate of pigeons”.

They said: “With the building being quiet over the past year – pigeons have settled and reproduced quickly producing waste which needs to be cleaned up in line with health and safety measures.”

The RSC is also taking steps to deter the pigeons from dwelling on the balconies. They explained: “We will install black netting, wires and unintrusive spikes around these areas to stop pigeons from continuing to foul the area. These are preventive measures only and will not harm any pigeons and we are working with GCB Falconry and Pest Solutions LTD to do this work.”

The walkway is expected to open today (Friday).


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