Actor turned director Soubin Shahir’s Parava focus mainly on two young boys from Mattanchery in Kochi, whose lives revolve around the pigeons that they passionately look after.

Haseeb and Irshad are classmates and best friends, who are growing pigeons, training them to be ready for the race that happens in their area. The boys come from modest households and one of them fails in the exam. But he has hope as he believes that a newly joined girl is impressed by his charm.

It’s them, along with the lives of the people in the locality, that makes the going entertaining for a significant time in the first half.

Then there is a shift in the tale, as the story goes into a flashback mode, where Imran (Dulquer Salmaan) and Shane (Shane Nigam) takes control. Their gang is having a blast until things go horribly wrong for them at a certain point of time

In fact, you watch with a certain surprise when a smoothly running story that is fresh and honest, takes a back seat all on a sudden. The sequences that follow goes on like a separate track that is not really gripping as the earlier one.

But all these never takes away the merits of the movie. Let’s put it this way. The sequences with the two kids in the lead are so brilliant that one would have wanted to watch it for a longer duration.

Soubin Shahir packages the film with lots of confidence and he makes us feel like we belong to that area, knowing the characters well enough.

Dulquer Salmaan, in a rather extended cameo, is totally comfortable as a rustic youth and shines bright. Shane Nigam has to sport two different looks and he is highly impressive. The supporting cast has done a commendable job behaving like normal residents there and look authentic.

But Parava belongs to the two young boys Amal Shah, who plays Irshad aka Ichappi, and Govind, who comes as Haseeb. The two young actors play their role earnestly and just steals your heart with their charm. They are natural and are real talents.

Parava could have been better and some trimming would have helped as well, but has its heart at the right place even in the current form. This one has its moments and is an absolutely sincere attempt. In these times when genuine stories are a rarity, this is a step in the right direction.


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