Out to catch pigeons, teens end up robbing woman
The moment Satyavathi walked out of her house to pluck flowers, the duo entered the unlocked house and stole 60,000 cash and jewellery worth 19 lakhTwo teenagers, who were trying to earn a few rupees by catching a wild pigeon to sell, stumbled on much bigger game. It was easy pickings, and for about five days the youths, both SSLC dropouts, had a good time spending their ill-gotten wealth. Then the law caught up with them and they are now cooling their heels in Parappana Agrahara Central Prison.

Gowtham (19) and M Diwakar (Deepak) (18) are close friends. After they failed their SSLC exams, they took running petty errands to earn a little money. The duo, both residents of HAL II Stage, soon realised that catching and selling pigeons was an interesting money-making enterprise.

On the morning of June 6, the duo spotted a few birds on the terrace of a residential building and decided to go after them. As they were climbing up, they spied an old lady counting money in a room in a house in the building. Satyavathi Krishnappa, 70, the elderly lady, was securing her life’s savings. On seeing the money, the youths changed their mind about catching the pigeons and decided to rob the elderly lady instead.

The duo waited and watched and realised the old woman was alone. The moment Satyavathi walked out of her house to pluck flowers, the duo quickly entered the unlocked house. They cleaned up the cash amounting to Rs 60,000 and, to their surprise, also found jewellery in the same cupboard. They did not know the value of the jewellery, but stole it anyway. Their crime was complete in five minutes flat.

Over the next few days, the duo spent almost the entire cash they had stolen. They purchased a second-hand bike for Rs 35,000 and the rest of the money was spent on booze and food. Their party, however, lasted only five days.

Satyavathi realised the theft only on June 10 and filed a complaint with the Indiranagar police. What caught the police’s attention was that the duo had also stolen a mobile phone from the elderly lady. They focused their investigation on finding the phone.

Though Deepak and Gowtham had changed the SIM card of the phone, they did not realise that the police could still track them through the phone’s IMEI number. The phone’s activity was concentrated around Jeevanbheema Nagar and HAL so the police decided to bait the duo. One of the investigating officers called the number, posing as their long-lost friend. The duo fell for the trap easily and ended up disclosing their location to the police. On interrogation the duo spilled the beans. Police say the jewellery was worth more than Rs 19 lakh.

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