pigeon patrolHeartbreaking sight: Hapless pigeons lie dead on a complex rooftop in Margate.

My wife and I are on leave at the moment and went for a walk to the Margate beach this morning (March 21). In the parking area near the tidal pool, we noticed a pigeon in distress with mucus foaming from its beak. My wife cleaned away the foam and gave it water. We then placed it in a safe place and checked on it again after breakfast. It was still foaming and needed help so we took it home, fed it oats, which is the only thing we had available at the time, but we know it absorbs mucus and is nutritious.

We searched for an open vet, but since it was a public holiday, we found none. Upon our return to the flat in the afternoon, we discovered that the pigeon was looking healthy – no foaming and very alert. I took it downstairs and without any hesitation, it flew away. When I got back to the flat, my wife said that I must take a look at the roof of the complex next door, saying she was sure that it was connected to the distressed pigeon we rescued. Some idiot must have poisoned the pigeons. I counted 11 dead pigeons on the roof.


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