Bird spikesOlympia firefighters stepped up to help on Sunday when a duck flew right into the backstop netting at the Capitol High School baseball field and got stuck about 40 feet from the ground.

David Supensky of For Heaven’s Sake Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation said they got a call about the stuck duck and when he arrived at the scene with a ladder, he realized he wouldn’t be able to reach the bird.

He called the Olympia Fire Department and they came out with their 100-foot ladder.

“They cut the netting and put the bird in a crate and brought it down,” Supensky said.

Supensky said the bird had some abrasions on its left wing. Supensky’s wife removed the netting from the bird’s wing and kept it overnight.

The next day David released the bird back in Yauger Park, which is near the ball field.

“It went right back into the water,” Supensky said. “A happy ending.”


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