Members of the Newport Planning Commission met Tuesday and approved the site plan for a boat launch and 16’x 16’ float pavilion on the Pigeon River.

The site is planned for just west of the railroad trestle.

Codes Officer Mark Robinson said the owners of a new distillery on West Main Street hope to erect a neon sign on the roof of the operation, in an effort to attract tourists. He said such a move would require Planning Commission approval.

The body also is considering a resolution for the city council’s consideration, which would require sidewalks in front of new businesses on the Highway 25/70 and Highway 321 commercial corridors.

City Planner Gary Carver asked the body for its feedback on the issue of requiring a grass strip along the roadways to the west and south of Newport, to separate the roadway from the sidewalk.

There is concern that there may be hesitancy on the part of pedestrians if they are placed close to speeding vehicles. A grass strip would provide a buffer, but also would require upkeep.

Another question being considered has to do with the issue of making the sidewalks available to bicyclists.


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