pigeon patrolA new ban in this New Mexico city is ruffling a lot of feathers.

Carlsbad’s city council passed an ordinance prohibiting feeding pigeons, with punishments that could mean fines or even jail time.

The Cavern City blamed pigeons for spreading disease, damaging buildings and ruining outdoor experiences in the ordinance.

Many of the public health risks come from an abundance of pigeon droppings across the city.

The ban’s goal is to drive the pigeon population down by cutting off their food supply.

Pigeons have become a major issue for this New Mexico city, officials noted.

Pigeons have become a major issue for this New Mexico city, officials noted.
“It will help move them away from the city, move them out of the middle of this city,” Woods Hougton, program director for the Eddy Count Extension Office, told KRQE. “They’re called trash birds because they communicate a lot of known diseases to both livestocks and humans.”

The feeding ban will only apply to feral pigeons, as “domesticated birds used for recreation, racing, or show,” as well as injured pigeons being rehabilitated are excluded from the new ordinance.

Enthusiasts with feeders will be allowed to keep their birdhouses as well — as long as it doesn’t attract more pigeons.

While violating the feeding law can result in a harsh punishment, council members have said they hope it will not escalate to jail time.


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