Is it just me or does anyone else walk around London wondering why the heck we never see baby pigeons? No…just me? It can’t be just me. Pigeons are everywhere, but where on earth are the little baby pigeons?? Well my pigeon -oving friends, there is an explanation for this.

Basically, the pigeons we see flying around the city fighting for our food are feral pigeons originally bred from wild rock droves that breed nearby sea cliffs and mountains around Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. So, these little (some sometimes big) like to nest in tall buildings, like they would nest in tall trees back home.

This means we never see baby pigeons because they’re too busy enjoying living the high life up in their high high nests. It normally takes them around 25-32 days to leave their nests, and by then they’re normally fully grown. So nada babies for us!  They don’t even grow feathers until they can leave the nest, so it’s probably a good thing as a naked pigeon would be even weirder than a grown one.

If you do happen to spot a little one that’s tried to fly the nest before he, or she is big enough – make a makeshift nest for them or take them to a wildlife rehabilitator. SAVE THE BABY. That’s enough pigeon chat.


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