Clark County commissioners will consider language for a new ordinance that would outlaw feeding pigeons from private property.

The pigeon problem was discussed for nearly an hour after Teresa Oxborrow asked what could be done about a neighbor attracting hundreds of the birds by regularly feeding them.

“Because they are fed so well, some of them are as big as chickens,” Oxborrow told commissioners. She also had video of the suspected neighbor feeding the birds in her Spring Valley neighborhood.

“Pigeons are basically flying rats. They don’t eat out of bird feeders. They’ll eat anything on the ground,” declared commissioner Chris Giunchigliani.

While there’s an ordinance that prohibits feeding pigeons on public property, it does not apply to doing the same on private property.

In coming months, the commission will review language for a possible new ordinance to address feeding pigeons on private property.

In large numbers, pigeons are destructive and are difficult to remove from a place where they have become comfortable.

“I mean she’s got buckets and buckets of food. That’s all she must buy,” said Oxborrow, in describing the regular feeding of the birds.

“The pigeon droppings have destroyed patios, rooftops, and lawn furniture,” she said.


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