RSPCA called to rescue a PINK pigeon from a car wash in Lancashire.

Staff at a car wash in Lower Hollin Bank Street, in Blackburn, contacted the animal welfare charity on Wednesday morning (10 May) after spotting the unusual coloured bird.

RSPCA inspector Nina Small, who went to collect the pigeon, said:

“I’ve never seen anything like it in 15 years of this job.

“He was covered in a pink, greasy paint-like substance from head to tail with only his eyes clear. And he was in a car wash of all places – perhaps he was trying to clean himself off!?

“After a wash, his feathers were still stained pink (pictured below). The amount of paint coming off his body was astonishing.

“We can’t be sure whether the bird had been deliberately covered in paint or whether he’d fallen in something.

“If someone has intentionally painted the pigeon’s feathers then I’d be very concerned for other birds and animals in the area. This is a cruel and unnecessary thing to do to an animal and could cause health problems, impair his ability to fly and make him more vulnerable to predators.”

Dye and paints can be toxic to birds and animals, and they would be likely to try to clean any such substance from their coat or feathers which could result in them swallowing it.

“Luckily this pigeon wasn’t injured and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to clean all of the paint off of his feathers and get him back to good condition so he can be released back into the wild where he belongs. I just hope his feathers haven’t been permanently damaged and that his flight won’t be affected, which could mean he will need to stay in care much longer before being released”.