6935486-3x2-700x467Mondovi (WQOW) – Tuesday night, Mondovi City Council will consider a problem dotted with pigeon droppings.

News 18 spoke with the City Administrator Dan Lauersdorf on Monday. He said it’s a continuing problem, and that Mondovi has been dealing with pigeon control for the past 28 years he’s been there.

Lauersdorf also said downtown business owners are sick of seeing pigeons perched on their buildings and sick of the droppings they leave behind. It’s been about five years since the city has tried getting rid of them, like poisoning corn kernels, or setting out decoy owls to scare them away, but the pigeons keep coming back and so do the proposals to get rid of them.

“I got one today, a company that has a machine shoots something in the air that’s supposed to make the pigeons not want to come to that area, it’s made from the skin of grapes,” Lauersdorf added.

Lauersdorf also received a couple proposals to live-trap the birds. Tuesday, the city council will consider all the proposals. A final decision may or may not be made.


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