The 55-year-old Iron Mike, who won’t face any criminal charges for his recent scrap with an airline passenger, befriended the legend during the height of his own iconic boxing career.

Iron Mike introduced Nico Ali Walsh to his beloved pigeon collection

Now it appears that the former world champion has started a friendship with the late star’s grandson Nico Ali Walsh.

The youngster, 21, is already on his way to creating his own legacy inside the ring.

He holds a 5-0 professional record after his latest victory in Las Vegas.

Now it looks like he has been picking the brains of Tyson in order to further help him in his own quest for glory by paying a visit to the Baddest Man on the Planet’s home.

But it was not only boxing advice that Tyson had in store for the prospect.

During the visit, the much-publicised animal lover decided to let Walsh meet his famous pigeon collection.

And Walsh shared footage of him being taught how to hold the birds by Tyson inside the bird loft at his house.

The American has been smitten with the birds ever since he was nine.

Back in 2020 he posted a video of himself relaxing and feeding his pets ahead of his exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr.

He has always had a love for pigeons, and revealed that it was the honour of one that drew his first punch as a ten-year-old.

He said in the past: “The guy ripped the head off my pigeon. This was the first thing I ever loved in my life, the pigeon.

“That was the first time I threw a punch.

“I have loved pigeons since I was nine. They were my escape.

“I was fat and ugly. Kids teased me all the time. The only joy I had was pigeons.”


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