Anna Kendrick used her instafamous powers, above, for good when she demonstrated the correct way to interact with birds: Don’t.

Don’t touch them, don’t talk to them and definitely don’t look at them in their beady eyes. Making direct eye contact is a sign of aggression and you don’t want to get aggressive with a bird because they WILL fight you. But also don’t let a bird know you’re afraid of it. Show fear and a bird will peck your eye out or swallow you whole like you’re just a little mouse! Even pigeons! ESPECIALLY pigeons.

Which is why I really wish Meg Ryan would look where she’s going. There’s a disgusting, horrible pigeon right in front of her! And she’s walking like she doesn’t have a care in the world! It’s like she hears nothing. Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beating of her own heart. But maybe it’s a carrier pigeon. Maybe it has mail. Maybe this is the meet-cute we’ve all been waiting for! Maybe I should just forget about birds and go watch You’ve Got Mail for the billionth time.

Andrea Martin got to meet a llama and I’m only a little jealous. Mostly ’cause I think alpacas are better. (They’re not the spitters.)

Matt Lanter and Chrissy Metz ALSO get to meet a llama. OK, now I’m a lot jealous. I bet the cool animal hangs are just about the best things about being famous. Imagine somebody bringing you sloths or capybaras or llamas virtually whenever you want. Celebrities. They’re not just like us.

Larry David confronts his doppelganger, former Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter. Imagine being Larry David and discovering late in life how much you look like all the other old white guys. Pretty pretty good work if you can get it.

Whether you’re the original Gollum like Andy Serkis, more of a hobbit-lover type like Armie Hammer, or a full-on Smeagol like Jake Gyllenhaal, I think we can all agree that nobody should touch your precioussss.

The colour of these clothes worn by the members of HAIM can only be described as Pepto Bismol pink. Fittingly, a glug or two of Pepto Bismol is exactly what you would need if you consumed too much HAIM.

Haley Joel Osment watches Macaulay Culkin and Breckin Meyer, patiently awaiting his turn with Meyer’s new business venture “Human Uber, but for former child stars who are no longer cute.”

Prince William was in Belfast, where it was raining and where he showed blatant favouritism to bald men when he shared his umbrella only with a fellow bald man. I’m sorry. That was rude. In England, it’s called a brolly.

While he was in Ireland, Prince William also indulged in the time-honoured royal tradition of pouring one shot of whiskey for himself, then one for his boat.

Thanks, Al Roker and Anthony Kiedis, for showing everybody what proper and improper bike safety looks like. Remember kids: Always wear a helmet. And a shirt.


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