Keep The Birds Away From Your Business

Birds and businesses are two words that do not go well together unless of course, you own a pet store. Pest bird infestations can and often do lead to damages to facility, machinery and even product and also create serious safety hazards and health issues for companies.  Starlings, pigeons, and sparrows are just a few of the pest birds that roost on commercial facilities in Vancouver, BC

Because of the issues mentioned above as well as the negative impact birds can have on a company’s image, it is very important for all business owners and managers to know how to keep birds away from their facilities.

Not only are birds and unsightly addition to facilities but it is the threat of disease, injury, and contamination that is the biggest problem. There are over 40 confirmed diseases that can be carried by birds as well as their droppings and nesting materials. Clearly, these are not animals that you want to be anywhere near your place of business. Thankfully there are a few ways in which you can protect your business from the negative impact of pest birds.

  1. Limit their ability to find food, shelter, and water for nesting. This means avoid heavy gardening as some plants provide a great food source for birds. Also, steer away from the use of fountains or other water features which will inevitably become more like a bird bath.
  2. Keep the doors and windows of the facility closed at all times unless they have a secured screen. An open door is after all an open invitation for anything to fly or crawl in. Once inside, birds can severely contaminate surfaces and cause damage to machines.
  3. Be sure that birds do not have a chance to nest on your facility. They favor things such as close by trees and shrubs, corrugated roofing, entryways, and open beam structures. Once there is a nest in place, birds are likely to come back for generations. source

Along with precautionary measures listed above, it is a good idea for businesses to partner with a bird control provider to find a long-term solution to a pest bird problem. Bird Proofing: Keep Birds Out of Your Business | JP Pest Services

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