If anyone is under the impression that only mammals possess the drive to fight for their young and create strong family bonds, this video will clearly prove them wrong. The footage shows just what an incredible risk a bird mother is willing to take to protect her future family, even though the danger is nothing less than lethal.

The woodpecker mother is seen fighting mercilessly with a large snake emerging from her nestin a trunk of a tree. Even though the snake attacks her time after time, the bird comes back repeatedly to make the animal get away from her eggs. The conflict goes so far that the snake ends up with a bunch of the woodpecker’s feathers in their mouth after getting hold of her. But the bird does not tire – and seems like abandoning the eggs to the predator is not even an option.

This unbelievable scene is a great proof of how vitally important their young are to bird mothers – so much so that the woodpecker confronts the predator with determination despite the obvious fact that doing it, she is also very much risking her own life.


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