Pigeons are domesticated rock doves, a species of bird that lives mostly in the Mediterranean area. The weather there stays fairly mild through the whole year, so there’s no need to limit breeding to just one season. Being able to breed year-round is a big evolutionary advantage if the habitat can support it, and that’s probably why pigeons are so successful.

But that’s not true for all birds. Most climates are not so hospitable through the seasons, and most birds are dependent on seasonal food sources like insects and seeds. There are also many species that migrate, and they can’t exactly carry their eggs with them. (Rock doves and pigeons are not migrators, so that’s not a problem for them.) They have to get all their baby-making done during the brief period of time when there are enough resources to raise the chicks. Even rock doves prefer to breed during the spring and summer when food is most plentiful.


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