An NHS worker has said she is completely besotted with her pet pigeon who she adopted after encountering her in a pub beer garden.

Hannah Hall, from Nottingham, filmed the unusual moment the bird – who she has named Penny – approached her at the pub and perched on her shoulder.

A pigeon is caressed in a hand

The video has received more than 22m views on TikTok.

Miss Hall said the reaction had been “quite overwhelming”.

“This whole experience has been really, really surreal,” she said.

She added she had been speaking regularly to a vet about how to care for the bird.

An RSPCA spokesperson said rehabilitating wild birds was best undertaken by somebody with experience.

“Their welfare needs would need to be met in captivity in the same way as for domestic pigeons,” he said.

“This includes regularly seeking advice from a vet and allowing them to have free flight in the house.”


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