If you don’t want pigeons nesting around your property, there are a number of ways you can scare them off when it looks like they might be getting comfortable.

Spray With Water

A great way to scare pigeons away without causing them any harm is to spray them with the garden hose. It’s highly unlikely they’ll appreciate getting drenched so you can guarantee they won’t hang around for long.

It’s important to do this when the birds first arrive so they know this isn’t a comfortable place to set up home. If you wait until they’ve set up a roost, not even a good soaking will get them to budge.

Install Scare-Pigeons  

These lightweight kites are usually sold in the form of hawk silhouettes and when placed where pigeons usually roost, they’re a great scare tactic. A good tip is to move the decoy on a regular basis because pigeons will get used to its presence and won’t be scared of it anymore – especially because it doesn’t make a noise.


Use Reflective Surfaces

When the sun hits a reflective object, it creates a prism effect which interferes with pigeons’ eyesight. If your roof, balcony or windowsills are covered with anything from reflective tape to foil balloons, it’s highly unlikely they will settle. Another great way to deter pigeons from settling around your property is to hang old CDs from nearby trees or along awnings.


Install Sloped Sheathing

To keep pigeons off ledges and other flat surfaces, cover them with a sloping piece of sheet metal. If they physically can’t settle somewhere then they won’t.


When To Call A Pest Controller

The best way to deal with a pigeon problem is to call a pest controller. They will know exactly how to get rid of them and importantly, how to keep them away for good.

Pest control companies are well training on what systems to install to provide the best solution to your problem. From installing a netting system to anti-pigeon spikes, or wire systems on window ledges and leading edges.


What Won’t Work

There are many myths surrounding pigeons and how to scare them away but unfortunately, most of them are a waste of time because they simply don’t work.

  • Noises – Everyone assumes that loud noises will scare these birds away but if you consider the pigeon population of London, it’s evident that this simply isn’t true. Pigeons are city birds – they’re used to loud noises and they don’t startle easily so unfortunately, no amount of noise is likely to drive them away.
  • Ultrasonic Noises  Ultrasonic noise may seem like a great way to scare off pigeons but sadly, this method doesn’t work either. Ultrasonic sound waves bounce off objects, creating spots where pigeons can completely avoid the sound. Not only will you still be faced with a pigeon problem, these devices can also damage the hearing of cats and dogs.
  • Ignoring the problem – Sadly burying your head in the sand won’t make these pests go away.  Once they have found an Idyllic home location they will settle for life, so If left untreated the population will grow and grow, and so will the impact on your premises and surrounding area


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