In the UK, pigeons seem to be everywhere you go and if you find them on your roof – at home or work – chances are, you’ve heard them too. Not only are pigeons notoriously noisy but they can create a whole lot of mess and expensive damage to your roof tiles. What’s more, their faeces can carry diseases and draw vermin such as flies and rats to your property, which can leave you with yet another problem.

How to get rid of pigeons/birds: Can home remedies work?

There are some widely recommended home remedies to get rid of pigeons and other birds, but these are generally ineffective in practice.

Can spices get rid of pigeons?

Spices such as chilli powder, pepper and cinnamon have been touted as pigeon/bird repellents. Unfortunately, they’re far from an effective solution – you’ll also need to apply them very frequently as they get washed away with rain and lose their potency. Going up to your roof every weekend to sprinkle more seasoning is less than ideal, to say the least.

Do decoy birds of prey scare pigeons?

Decoy statues of birds of prey or lightweight kites have been known to be used as pigeon/bird deterrents to try and stop pigeons nesting on your roof. That said, even if you do initially have success with decoys they will only be effective for a short period of time because birds get used to their fixed placement – and when the birds approach they will see that they’re just an object.

Will spreading sticky stuff get rid of pigeons?

Sticky substances, such as an environmentally safe commercial gel-repellent or honey, are another temporary solution that’s been tried to prevents pigeons and other birds from perching on your roof, due to its slippery layer.

Just as with the spices, however, this method must be reapplied to maintain its effectiveness – and it’s not very effective in the first place. It’s not only inconvenient but also potentially dangerous to keep going on your roof, as you could hurt yourself and possibly damage your roof even further. If you’re unsure, speak to the experts who can keep birds away from your roof.

Spraying pigeons with water

For a solution which works all of two minutes, you can spray pigeons with a water hose. This is method simply scares them away for the time being but they’ll happily return in no time to nest on your roof again.

How to keep pigeons away from your garden

Ultrasonic devices to keep pigeons/birds away

These devices can be installed by pest control companies and are effective bird repellers that produce sound waves we humans can’t hear, but to pesky pigeons, and other birds – it’s irksome. This device can be effective and the high frequency will be a sure way to make birds find another place to reside.

Can my pets deter pigeons?

If you have a dog or cat, they may help out with the bird problem to an extent, but the odds are that the birds won’t be too put off due to the height advantage they have over your beloved pets.

 Will using a scarecrow get rid of birds?

Installing a scarecrow in your front or back garden – wherever the pigeons will see this figure – is a similar idea to the bird of prey decoy. It also has a similar amount of effectiveness – very little – particularly once the birds get used to it.

Why are there pigeons on my roof?

If you’ve noticed an unusual amount of pigeons on your roof, it’s likely they have a nearby food and water source. If you’re aware of these sources, remove them – it’s important not to feed pigeons and birds if you wish to get rid of them. Pigeons and all birds in general love grass seeds, berries and your pet’s food, so consider laying fresh turf on your lawn, replace fruit bearing trees with fern, oak, pine or maple trees and keep your pet’s food indoors.

Access points to your attic might be the reason you’re seeing so many pigeons on your roof. This area provides them with the ideal breeding ground where they’re warm and safe from predators.

Basic DIY bird prevention measures

  • Keep food sources away
  • Seal the attic
  • Remove fruit-bearing trees
  • Cap chimneys
  • Get rid of bird feeders

When should I call the pest professionals for bird control?

If your home remedies aren’t working, it’s important to call your local pest controllers who can put a stop to your pest peeves.

How do professionals keep birds off your roof?

  • Bird netting – to prevent pigeons from colonising, bird netting is an effective method. Netting comes in a whole range of sizes so this preventative can be made suitable to any dimensions of a building. To exclude pigeons, starlings or sparrows we will ensure the grids on the netting are the optimal size to enforce the exclusion of your pest problems. This method can be used to protect building fascias, flat roofs, balconies, statues and decorative embellishments where birds can potentially nest.
  • Bird spikes – are in fact a humane bird control solution and highly effective too. This piece of equipment can be installed on any linear surface, where pigeons and other birds may nest.
  • Bird wire – also known as anti-pigeon wire is ideal for large establishments such as cathedrals, churches and banks offering a discrete solution that will eliminate any pigeon or bird infestation. This method has a low visual impact and will subtly tackle the problem at hand.
  • Electric bird deterrent system – this is used around heavily colonised buildings and measures a discreet 8mm. Birds experience a small shock when a bird of any species lands on the building. This does not hurt the bird, it simply encourages the bird to move elsewhere.    

Keeping pigeons away from your garden and balcony

Finding pigeon or any bird poop on your garden furniture, patio or balcony can be extremely irritating and hard to clean. It’s likely you will have to turn to a professional who can implement a more permanent solution.


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