Regardless of whether it’s around your home or a business premises, pigeons can be a nuisance.

While the odd one here or there is, of course, to be expected, if your property has become a popular place for these creatures to hang out, it can cause a number of problems.

• Bird droppings not only look unsightly, when wet they can be a serious slip hazard
• Pigeons do unfortunately deserve their reputation for being unhygienic and they do in fact carry more harmful diseases to humans than rats do
• Pigeon fouling and nest materials attract a whole host of insects including fleas, carpet beetles, flies, clothes moths and mealworm beetles
• Pigeon faeces is highly corrosive and can, therefore, cause extensive damage to your building if it sits there for an extended period of time
• Debris from flocks of pigeons can build up causing blockages to drains and gutters which can cause flooding and roof damage
• Clean-up costs can be high

As you may have gathered by now, it’s advisable to deal with pigeons before they become a huge problem. How exactly do you get rid of pigeons?

Remove any food sources

Pigeons are scavengers and will feed on nearly anything so make sure there are no possible food sources around your home or business premises. Don’t forget to check your roof and ensure that any outdoor areas are clean, no food scraps have been left out and that rubbish hasn’t been pulled out of your bins by other animals.

Store rubbish bags in metal bins with securely fitted lids so that pigeons can’t gain access to the contents. Try to avoid feeding pets outside or if you have to, clean away their bowl as soon as they’ve finished eating.


Install a decoy

If you look up at buildings you will probably notice some of them have fake Owls, lightweight kites in the form of hawk silhouettes, which are placed as a scare tactic. A good tip is to move the decoy on a regular basis because pigeons will get used to its presence and won’t be scared of t anymore – especially because it doesn’t make a noiseHomemade remedies

Some organic, homemade remedies have been known to be pretty effective. Try placing balls or containers of strong spices around your patio, exterior windowsills or wherever else pigeons tend to gather around your property. The best spices to use are chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper or cinnamon.

Don’t make your property pigeon-friendly

If it’s easy for pigeons to settle, they will. Check your property for pigeon-friendly places such as soffits, vents, chimneys, gutters and large gaps. Anywhere up high is naturally going to be an inviting place for these birds to nest and start a family. You can use a fine mesh screen to cover these areas to discourage pigeons from setting up home there.


Call a pest controller

The best thing to do if you’re faced with a pigeon problem is to call a pest controller. Highly experienced in this field, they will be able to provide you with a range of deterrent and proofing solutions which will provide a long-term solution.


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