pigeon patrolHOLLISTER, Calif. –
Another Central Coast city is resorting to raptors to get rid of nuisance birds. Instead of hiring a master falconer like Pacific Grove, Hollister city leaders invested in a loudspeaker device. Throughout the day, the sounds of raptors and other birds in distress are blasted through speakers at the Briggs Building.


“We’ve been able to remove the pigeons from the building from the past few weeks and some of the buildings downtown I’ve noticed other city facilities and pigeons aren’t over there either. So it’s kind of worked in this general location,” Hollister City Manager Bill Avera said.

Unlike Pacific Grove, which contracted with a master falconer to walk the downtown corridor with hawks and falcons, the sounds are enough to deter pigeons. Avera said that once the pigeons are conditioned to stay away, there will be fewer sounds.


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