A HEADLESS pigeon found in Salisbury city centre has been blamed on a “cruel idiot” after youngsters were seen kicking its head around in “a barbaric act”.

Wildlife rescue volunteers say they were disgusted to receive a report of the decapitated bird in the Market Place on Thursday.

They said the bird’s head had been kicked about by youths for fun, with “no respect whatsoever” for the animal.

The gruesome discovery was reported by a member of the public to Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital, based in Newton Tony.

Police are treating the case as one of animal cruelty.

Wildlife care supervisor Marilyn Korkis said in a post on Facebook: “I can’t tell you in words how disgusted I was receiving a call from a clearly upset gentleman who came across a feral pigeon in Salisbury Market Place with its head detached from its body.

“I can only surmise it was deliberate, done by some cruel idiot for fun.”

The incident was reported to the police in the hope of finding CCTV evidence.

A photograph of bird’s headless corpse was posted on the Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital Facebook page.

Readers were quick to condemn the “sick” act.

Kimberley Louise Crew posted: “What a sorry, revolting, state the human race is becoming.

“Poor creature.”

Eleanor Campion wrote: “Shame on whoever mutilated this bird and those who thought kicking it about was a game.”

Nina Griffin posted: “Let’s hope CCTV can be revealed and if it was youths their parents can see what a awful thing they have done and hopefully teach them the right way of how to respect animals!”

Other Facebook users suggested it could have been the work of a fox or a cat.

Michael Growcott said: “A person would have to be pretty nimble to nab a pigeon.”

But Ms Korkis responded: “It was broad daylight in the city centre, I don’t think so! Town pigeons are very slow as they rely on humans dropping morsels for them to eat.”

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “We are investigating an incident of animal cruelty involving a pigeon outside the Guildhall in Salisbury on 5 October at approximately 6pm.

“Officers will be analysing CCTV in the area and carrying out enquiries.

“Anyone with information should call police on 101.”


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