Half-eaten dead birds have been dumped in Hucclecote and it is going to cost around £8,000 to clear up the carcasses.

The birds, that have had the edible meat removed, were left in a pile in a ditch adjoining Hucclecote Rugby Club and the A40, with this being the third time in a year dead birds have been dumped in the area.

Highways England will be closing a lane of the A40 in order to clear up the pile of dead animals and Tewkesbury Borough Council want to hear from anyone that has been offered cheap pigeon breasts recently.

Peter Tonge, head of community services at Tewkesbury Borough Council, said: “This seems to be an increasingly occurring issue with three reports over the last twelve months of someone dumping dead birds.

“The birds seem to have had the edible meat removed and we would be interested to hear from anyone who has been approached with a supply of cheap pigeon breasts recently.

“Our environmental health team received the first report in April 2017. Ubico (our waste contractors) secured a road closure to enable environmental health officers to visit the site.

“After finding insufficient evidence for prosecution, Ubico were asked to return with specialist equipment to clear the waste.

“Environmental health became aware of more dumped bird carcasses in November 2017. Officers did the best they could to access the site from the adjoining land owned by a local rugby club but on this occasion, they could not get near the dead birds to search for evidence.”

Council officers have visited the site but were unable to find any evidence to catch the fly-tipper.

Tonge added: “This week, we were made aware of a further fly tip of dead birds. We sent officers to the site who confirmed that there isn’t any evidence to carry out a prosecution.

“We have instructed our contractor to clear the dead birds as soon as possible – this will be dictated by when lane closures are able to happen, but we will ensure it is done.

“It’s unacceptable for someone to dump any rubbish, never mind bird carcasses on public land, particularly when we have recently had road closures in this area to litter pick at a cost to the tax payer of around £8,000.

“Our waste crew and their vehicle can only access this particularly unpleasant fly tip safely by arranging a lane closure on this fast moving road – this obviously takes time and adds considerable expense to the whole operation.”


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