HOUSTON – Every day for the last 10 years, the owner of a gas station at the 59 Southwest Freeway at Weslayan puts out a bag of feed for birds on the sidewalk.

For lunch, breakfast and dinner, the birds eat for free outside the Chevron.

“I feel inner peace,” owner Ishwar Desai said.

He said he loves animals and especially birds.

“The birds (were here flying around) and they were looking for the food so I give them a little food,” Desai said. “It’s really interesting, so I started giving more.”

Not everyone feels Desai’s passion for the birds.

I asked David Smith, a man getting gas, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your feelings towards birds?

“A four, and that’s being pretty generous,” Smith said.

At $19 a bag, the bird feed isn’t cheap, but fortunately, Desai has some support. He said some of his regular customers offer him money to keep paying for the feed.

“I feel inner peace. If I give them the food and then I see them eat the food, I really like it,” Desai said.


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