pigeon patrolCARLSBAD, NM—We are not talking just a few pigeons, we are talking hundreds on roofs, in parking lots and everywhere you turn in Carlsbad.
“It’s just a tremendous number of pigeons. There’s probably thousands that congregate to this position. We have an RV storage facility, so it’s just a real problem that needs to be addressed,” said James Knott, Carlsbad Business Owner.
Over the past few years, the birds have become more of an issue for the community.
“It’s a constant problem with the deterioration of the roof, and so the pigeon debris creates acid and causes leaks. That’s very costly for us,” said Knott.
But thanks to a new ordinance, the city of Carlsbad is hoping to control the pigeon population.
“The new ordinance looks at the feeding of feral pigeons. The new ordinance is focused mainly on education to teach people how to educate them not to feed these birds,” said Steve McCutcheon, Carlsbad City Administrator.
The birds are also causing a big stir throughout the city because they pose many potential health risks to humans. The birds carry different types of parasites and fungi.
The new ordinance will go into effect in five days.
Anyone caught feeding the birds could face a $500 fine and up to 90 days in jail.


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