AN art student has gone viral after footage emerged of her feeding pigeons – dressed as a pigeon.

The Dundee University student Niamh Fenton, says the act is part of her art project as a video of her feeding the creatures wearing a long beak emerged on social media.

Niamh was filmed outside St Mary’s Church next to the Overgate shopping complex in the city centre of Dundee perched on a low stone wall above a group of hungry birds.

The 18-year-old “pigeon girl” says she is “overwhelmed” by the response to her video and has released several other pictures of herself that were part of her project.

Niamh, from Dunblane, is seen wearing a grey hoodie and a type of skirt made from grey feathers, takes bread from an orange bag.

The video was posted by her friend onto the ‘snap map’ tool on Snapchat and then uploaded to Twitter on Tuesday.

The clip was then posted by @euanlean and has since gone viral.

Niamh dressed up as a pigeon for an art project

He captioned the post: “What the f*** is going on in Dundee?”

The video now has more than 150,000 views and multiple comments from confused Twitter users.

Emily Ryan said: “Ahahaha holy s***.”

@SmithNatalie260 commented: “Hahahaha wow.”

The video of her feeding pigeons as a pigeon went viral

@itsthatzoe said: “I honestly feel like I see weird videos near the city centre all the time hahaha.”

@officialfergus commented: “Wit? Just feedin the birds?

Since the video was posted, Niamh has also released several pictures of herself in different locations around Dundee dressed as a pigeon.

She has posted on image of herself on Instagram on a ledge with the caption: “I’m the pigeon girl.”

Niamh goes to Dundee University

Her post also attracted a few comments.

Instagram user aieshaholly said: “You’re insane.”

Another user said: “Amazing. I am in awe.”

Another Instagram user said: “Iconic.”

Speaking today, pigeon woman Niamh revealed that her avian impersonation was part of an “art project”.

Her project focuses on the problems we associate pigeons within our society

Studying at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, part of Dundee University, she explained: “My project was on pigeons and the problems associated with them, people’s views and opinions.

“I realised that they can be related to the homeless community as they used to be celebrated war birds but are now bearly surviving in a city format.”

Niamh, from Dunblane, also explained her inspiration for the act.

Niamh said she was inspired by artist Edwina Ashton, a London-based artist known for her videos which feature animals.

Niamh was inspired by London based artist Edwina Ashton

She said: “I went into town as a pigeon to see the public’s reaction to a humanoid pigeon. I am frankly overwhelmed how this got out and how it exploded.”

This is not the first time pigeons have gone viral in Dundee.

Earlier this year, bizarre footage of lads spurring on randy pigeons to have sex surfaced on social media.

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