What do you do when birds poop all over your property?

If you’re TransLink, you send in a falcon.

In an effort to deal with pigeons nesting at the Commercial-Broadway skytrain station, TransLink is using a bird, to flip off other birds.

A Bird Poop Problem

A new platform for the station, set to open February 2nd, will allow commuters to enter westbound from both sides.

The company was hoping the amount of noise made by the skytrain and commuters would shake off the birds, but hasn’t so far.

With the threat of bird poop being a real concern for TransLink, the company decided to bring in a falcon.

Jill Drews, Senior Issues Management Advisor for TransLink says, “the falcon kind of goes in from time to time and scares them away. Hopefully, they remember this is not a safe place to be.”

But there’s more.

In addition to the falcon, Drews says electric strips, that cause a “very,very minor” shock will also be brought in. “It won’t harm the birds. But it’s just irritating so it will hopefully deter them from nesting,” she says.

Spikes and netting will also by installed in an effort to stop the birds from landing.

The pigeons in question could not be reached for a comment.


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