pigeon environmentally friendlySo much so, that any gulls in the area scatter in fear as soon as they get a glimpse of the black and white falcon.

“It’s all about the balance of nature,” said Everett, a falconer with Falcon Environmental Services.

“He’s a natural predator and the seagulls know that. When they see him, this area becomes unattractive to them.”

Hornblower Niagara Cruises has contracted services from Falcon Environmental Services for the past two years after it added food and beverage services to its lower deck along the Niagara River.

“Wherever you have an attraction, there’s typically gulls that follow the folks around follow the food and they can make quite the mess,” said Mory DiMaurizo.

When Hornblower first launched ed its food and beverage services, they also installed signs asking guests to not feed the birds.

When the pesky gulls continued to gather en masse on the deck area, staff looked for another solution to discourage the winged intruders and birds of prey have proven to be a highly effective yet non-invasive method of seagull control.

Bullet, a 10-year-old hybrid of a Saker falcon and a gyrfalcon, never has to leave his handler’s side. His presence alone is enough to deter the gulls.

“The birds don’t fly, he’s used as a deterrent and it’s 100 per cent effective,” DeMaurizo said. “The bird is there to create a bubble of awareness around us so that the gulls know this is not an area they want to go in.”

Everett and his raptor companion are also a hit with guests, who are eager to find out why they’re spending time at a tourist attraction.

“I’ve met some incredibly interesting people from all over the world,” he said. “I bet Bullet’s photo is on a lot of Facebook pages.”

DiMaurizo said the duo has been especially popular with international tourists.

“In the Middle East and Asia, falconry is a huge sport that many people are interested in.”

Based out of Alexandria, Ont., Falcon Environmental Services also provides bird control at several Canadian military bases as well as a number of landfill sites in New Jersey.

It has been in charge of wildlife management at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport for almost 20 years.


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