pinkpigeon3People are being warned not to dye pigeons pink after several of them were spotted in London and around the UK.

The brightly-hued pigeons have been spotted as far north as Northumbria, and as far south as Bristol, with sightings of the birds also reported in Manchester, West Yorkshire, and in London.

Pink pigeons were first seen in Walthamstow and at Royal Ascot last month, and the sightings continue, with a bird spotted in Stockport, Greater Manchester just two days ago.

Pictures of the birds have been posted on twitter, with people cooing over their distinctive plumage.

Pink Pigeon in Liversedge in Kirklees, Yorks
A pigeon in Kirklees, West Yorkshire (Ashleigh Richardson)

However, the birds have ruffled feathers at the RSPCA, where it is suspected fowl play may be behind the unusual colouring.

A spokeswoman said: “This is a cruel and unnecessary thing to do to an animal.

“Dyeing a bird could cause allergic reactions and compromise the animal’s’ ability to communicate with other animals of their own and other species and make them more vulnerable to predators.”


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