The noise can leave the animals deaf and the smoke can cause the breathing related problems to animals, claim veterinary doctors,

Thane : Animals are the worst affected by the smog and noise of crackers during Diwali. The noise can leave the animals deaf and the smoke can cause the breathing related problems to animals, claim veterinary doctors.

“The human ear can bear the sound of 2,000 to 20,000 megahertz, but dogs can bear from 20,000 to 1 lakh megahertz. The sound of crackers affect them badly,” said Dr. Yuvaraj Kaginkar, veterinary expert with a charitable trust. Vets always advice their clients to change the timings of walks of their pets during Diwali.

“Morning there is thick smoke and that can affect the pets. The pets can develop breathing problems, congestion due to it. The noise of crackers can hurt their ears, hence, we advice the owners to keep the pets in the inner rooms where there will be low sound level,” he added.

The strays have their own strategy to stay away from such pollution. They normally stay far from such places where it can affect them.  The worst sufferers are the birds who stay near the houses.

Pigeons, sparrows, crows temporarily migrate during these days. The pigeons suffer trauma during the festival of noise and one can see many pigeons dying during these days, claim experts.

The various trusts that work for animals are creating an awareness among  people to make them understand the evil effects of the crackers. And this has led to such incidences being reduced, according to the experts.

Previously, there were many cases, where crackers were tied to a dog’s tail. Now there is an awareness that such activity can be dangerous and cases have reduced, claimed Dr. Kaginkar.

The good news is that awareness of the ill effects is growing. Even animal lovers are trying to educate others about the pollution.


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