A lane behind a number of popular Swansea city centre restaurants has been labelled an environmental threat because overflowing bins there are claimed to be attracting rats.

The lane in Castle Street is where a large amount of rubbish from several sources is left out for collection in the same place.

Kevin Casey is a resident of Baron’s Court which overlooks it and was extremely concerned by the situation.

“I used to live in Townhill and people say that Townhill is a dump, but it’s heaven compared to this place,” said Mr Casey.

“There is a lane behind a number of shops and restaurants in Castle Square and it is absolutely filthy.

“There is rubbish all over the place and there has even been rats there.

“There’s about three bins that are overflowing and there has been some dead pigeons on the floor for weeks.”

“I know the council come and clean some of it up but they don’t solve the root cause of the problem.

“They need to send enforcement officers and tell people to stop leaving rubbish all over the floor.

“I have complained to the culprits. The Council are soft and just don’t do enough.

“There are another three restaurants going in there in the near future and I dread to think how much worse it is going to be.”

But the owners of various restaurants and businesses in the area said they were unsure as to who was responsible.

“It is absolutely disgusting but we don’t have a lot of rubbish ourselves,” said Anna Redfern, the owner of Cinema & Co.

“It really needs to be cleaned up because it is an environmental risk and there is often a lot of glass on the floor.”

A restaurant owner, who asked not to be named, said: “We don’t know who the culprits are but it is annoying us as well and we have been on to the council.

“We have four bins round the back and we always put our rubbish out properly.

“But as for the main culprit I couldn’t tell you.”

A Swansea Council spokesman said: “Our cleansing team regularly visit this area to ensure that fly-tipped waste is removed, but we will continue to monitor the lane and will contact businesses there to remind them of their waste management responsibilities.

“There have also been a number of incidents recently where illegally parked cars have blocked our waste collection vehicles from accessing the lane to pick up commercial waste, so we’ve alerted our parking services team. Anyone caught illegally parking there runs the risk of a penalty charge notice.”


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