PESHAWAR: Amid awareness campaign launched by the provincial government for the dengue-affected people in the provincial capital, the mosquito-borne disease on Sunday infected 310 more people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to government officials, 26 people have so far lost their lives as a result of dengue virus in KP. The provincial Health Department reported that sessions were conducted in the government-run schools in the dengue-hit Tehkal and Pishtakhara union councils, where the virus was reported in July this year.  The awareness sessions were started three days ago where health experts informed local residents about dengue and its breeding causes and gave them useful suggestions for remaining safe from dengue mosquitoes.

The government is stated to have spent millions of rupees by providing services to dengue patients in the public sector hospitals, conducting larvicide sprays in the affected areas and distributing mosquito nets and repellent lotions among the residents of Tehkal and Pishtakhara.

However, these efforts by the government didn’t help control dengue virus and it has been infecting 300-400 people every day.  Health experts are of the opinion that there are still open water reservoirs in different forms in the dengue affected areas where thousands of dengue larvae are breeding.

“Since weather is quite hot therefore majority of the people are using water air-coolers in their houses and work places. These air-coolers are the among best places for dengue breeding,” a health expert at the Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) opined.

Pleading anonymity, he said some of the people in Tehkal and Pishtakhara had kept pigeons on their rooftops where water was put into pots, saying they found dengue larvae in air-coolers and in pots from which pigeons drank water.

Meanwhile, the Dengue Response Unit confirmed that 1,527 people were taken to different hospitals where 310 were discharged with dengue. It said of the 310 patients, 120 were admitted in hospitals and 116 were discharged from hospitals their recovery.

Presently, according to DRU, 365 dengue patients are under treatment in different hospitals of the province. Khyber Teaching Hospital, where 917 patients were taken with fever and body ache, 196 of them were diagnosed with dengue. At the moment, KTH is providing services to 235 indoor dengue patients.

Around 42 patients tested positive at the Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) of whom 28 were admitted in the hospital. The Hayatabad Medical Complex also diagnosed 45 patients with dengue. It had received 156 patients.

The Naseerullah Babar Hospital in Peshawar tested two patients dengue positive. Similarly, Mansehra reported nine dengue positive cases, Mardan eight cases, Buner four and Abbottabad two cases.


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