Householders in Weston used on average more electricity in a year than anywhere else in the South West, and possibly even the rest of the country.

The average home used 4,074 units a year, and the town was the first in the South West to reach an average of more than 4,000.

The figures were attributed to the number of new homes being built with electricity installed.

Pigeons were once again blighting the town, but oral contraceptive pills were being considered as the best way to decrease their numbers.

An experiment with the pills being put in pigeon food was being conducted in Birmingham.

It was not the first time Weston councillors considered using contraceptives on the pigeons, but in the past they had always chosen to trap them instead.

Somerset County Council rejected a plea to keep Kingston Seymour’s school open.

The motion was defeated 51 votes to 26.

Criticism was made of the inadequacy of the South West Regional Economic Planning Council when dealing with tourism.

Weston and much of Somerset had been left out of the plan for the South West, and grumbles about it continued.

It was claimed North Somerset and the Mendips attracted four million day visitors and half a million overnight visitors every year.

The Commodore in Kewstoke was flooded after the tide breached a boundary wall. It was one of the highest tides of the year.

Blustering winds also made the Weston Grand Prix cycling race a gruelling task.

The riders were confronted with almost gale force winds during parts of it.

September was the warmest in Weston for nine years, but there was more rainfall than there had been since 1958.

A referendum on whether street lights should be introduced in Congresbury had been held a year ago.

Some lights had been set up so councillors could decide which was better between sodium and mercury vapour bulbs.

‘A battle was on’ to save the chestnut trees in Alexandra Parade.

The highways committee wanted to remove them on public safety grounds, and replace them with silver birch but a number of people were not in favour of it.


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