Pigeon Patrol cleaningThe purpose of cleaning and disinfecting agents is to provide the user with some degree of protection against bacteria and organisms that are commonly associated with all species of wild birds. Bacteria and organisms are most commonly found in and around nests and particularly in areas that are heavily soiled with pigeon excrement. Bacteria and organisms that have the potential to be passed on to human beings are common to all birds, including garden birds, and not just birds such as pigeons and gulls with which diseases are commonly associated.

 For the majority of situations where pigeons have been perching on external ledges or architectural features and where basic soiling is the problem, hot soapy water (with a splash of disinfectant if required) is all that is required in order to prepare a surface prior to the installation of anti-roosting products.  

When using any type of disinfectant the operator must be fully protected, with health and safety being the main consideration. It is therefore essential that a health and safety risk assessment is carried out prior to the use of any disinfectant.  The operator should wear full-body protective overalls with a hood as well as protective rubber boots and rubber gloves. The operator should also wear protective eyewear and some type of facemask, the type being dictated by the extent of dust and dried excrement in the area concerned and the availability of ventilation. In some cases the operator may need to use breathing apparatus, certainly where there is an extremely large build-up of well-dried excrement that has been in situ for years rather than months.

The most common human diseases associated with contact with birds are salmonella, histoplasmosis and psittacosis. However, in a vast majority of cases where human beings have contracted one of these diseases it is as a result of close contact with caged birds, racing pigeons or birds kept in battery farms and not wild birds. It is a commonly held view that a human being has a much greater chance of contracting salmonella from eating supermarket chicken or eggs than from any type of contact with wild birds.

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