pigeon patrolThe North Platte City Council may close the coop on North Platte’s pigeon problem.
The council will discuss authorizing an agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to “reduce the numbers of pigeons roosting and loafing in the city,” according to a copy of the agreement included in the agenda for the Jan. 5 meeting.
The agreement would create a wildlife damage management program to control the populations of pigeons, European starlings and English house sparrows within the city. The agreement states that use of a pellet rifle is effective in population control for all three bird species, as is trapping and euthanization, use of pesticides and nest removal.
The program would run in partnership with private businesses and entities agreeable to sharing the cost of the agreement. The private entities are not determined at this time.
Cost of the service is estimated at $7,499.
n The council will consider an extension request for Community Development Block Grants used for improvements in three areas of northwest North Platte. A letter from Tom Werblow, city engineer, to Judy Clark, city grants administrator, recommends an extension to Oct. 15. The city contracted with Cement Products on paving projects on 18th Street from Sheridan to Jackson avenues, 13th Street from Carr to Madison avenues and 15th Street from Custer to Sheridan avenues.
“We recommend caution in allowing Cement Products to bid on the next Block Grant project,” Werblow wrote in the letter.
His warning was because of Cement Products’ performance with the CDBG and NDOR projects, according to the letter.
n A vendor for Verizon Wireless, Unite Private Networks, has requested the city authorize them to use city utility poles. The company wants to attach “small cells” to the poles, which are intended to enhance cell phone networks and reduce the need for traditional cell phone towers.
An overview of the service from the company explains that small cells are used in an area already covered by a cell tower to assist in high bandwidth areas such as schools, shopping centers, airports and special events.


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