Police in Edmonton are looking for help to solve an unusual crime involving dozens of pigeons.

Video captured on Tuesday night shows a man carrying a large bin and snooping around a pigeon enclosure in the backyard of a home on Checknita Way SW around 9:25 p.m.

Someone noticed the man, wearing a white tank top and shoulder holster, and called in a “suspicious person” complaint.

Feral Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) perched with a blue sky background

Before officers arrived, the man made off with 45 of the homeowners’ 60 competition pigeons, Edmonton Police Service said.

The birds are worth about $300 each, making it a loss of $13,500.

“What’s interesting about the video is that the suspect is wearing fairly distinctive clothing and it looks like some sort of fashion item or wallet that he’s wearing and that may help people recognize who he is,” said Cheryl Voordenhout with EPS.

City of Edmonton bylaws permit homeowners to have up to 75 pigeons.


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