Residents of an historic building have been living in a sewage and pigeon nightmare.

And it’s all because the owner of a long-closed shop has failed to keep it maintained.

The back of the shop is now being used as a pigeon loft with local birds able to fly right in.

Now fed-up neighbours Kate McGuiness and Mary McIntosh have made a public plea for action.

They are campaigning for landlord Tommy McAvenna, 72, to stump-up for repairs to his disused shop in the old Co-op building in Portland Street on Troon.

And retired Kate, addressing Troon Community Council last week, said: “An estate agent has told us the flats are unsaleable because of the mess below us.

“We should not have to live like this.

“We have pigeons flying about and nasty smells in the close.

“This is a C-listed building and when I wished to put a vented slate on the back of the roof I was told not to damage the historical nature of the place.

“Yet the front façade has been allowed to go to rack and ruin.”

Mr McAvenna, who has other property in the town, bought the shop in 1998.

It was the former premises of disgraced lawyer Peter Anderson, jailed for defrauding clients.

A letter sent to the landlord was returned to the council unopened and it lay there for six weeks, says McGuiness.

She added: “A 28 day notice has now been issued but still there has been no action.

“In mid June I stood on my doorstep to watch the Glasgow taxis coming into town.

“I was so embarrassed at the comments of the people standing there about the state of the place that I went back into my house.

“We are asking for community support in moving matters along. This is downright insanitary. As it is a private building, environmental health can only ask for access and cannot insist.”

The residents have pleaded their case to South Ayrshire Council.

Mary McIntosh said: “I am concerned about the structure of my property and am concerned about the smells.

“My kitchen has been flooded with raw sewage after it came up through the drains.”

Mr McAvenna was unavailable for comment on multiple days.

South Ayrshire Councillor Craig Mackay confirmed a formal repairs notice has now been sent.

He said: “That 28-day period is about to expire and hopefully we can more forward.”


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