The City Times has received numerous letters to the editor from Benonians who have found dead birds on their properties.

“We live in Airfield and have had a similar experience,” said Haley Steingrover in response to a previous letter that was published.

“In a space of about two to three weeks we have had four dead pigeons in our garden.

“All the other birds seem to be fine; it’s just the pigeons.

“We are concerned for the poor birds and also for our animals that are around these birds.”

Elizabeth van Genderen, of Rynfield, said on March 15 that over the last month she found two dead birds.

“My son witnessed one drop out of the tree and hit the ground,” said van Genderen.

“When we went out there, it was already dead.

“This is disturbing.”

Judy Davidson, of Wildlife in Crisis, said the deaths should not be a concern and that she is “pretty sure” the cause is E. coli.

She said a dove and pigeon from Marister and Rynfield were taken for an autopsy, which revealed E. coli being the cause of death.

Davidson said the bacteria is species-specific and that there is no danger for other animals or humans.

She said the only confirmed reports of pigeon and dove deaths have been in Benoni.

The non-profit organisation is still searching for two or three fresh carcasses to conduct further tests on.


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